Virtual Role Play Training


Practice Your Way To Success




Clemson University research shows:

 20% or less of the key talking points are delivered via classroom

 30% or less of the key talking points are  delivered via role-play 

 85% or more of the key talking points are delivered via Virtual Role Play



After Virtual Role Play.........



Top-line performance. Bottom-line results.

51.9% increase in new account acquisition after only 90 days.

170% of launch goal during the first six weeks while collapsing necessary training time from three weeks to just over one week.

89.3% increase in call center up-selling achieved in only 60 days.

These are some of the phenomenal results companies using Virtual Role Play have realized, but It is no surprise to us that companies have realized these major accomplishments when you consider the results of a Clemson University study showed that representatives that used Virtual Role Play out performed those that didn't by 5 times. So, while we can't guarantee your organization will achieve results like others have, we can promise a major increase in the effectiveness of your training efforts.

Companies invest between four and seven billion dollars annually on sales and customer service training, of which virtually all of it is knowledge based versus performance or skill based.  It is a kin to being shown how to play a musical instrument or swing a golf club and then expecting someone to be able to do it. It doesn't matter what profession, peak performance takes practice and Virtual Role Play is the only web based training and development tool that focuses on performance improvement through practice for only a few dollars per day.

Virtual Role Play Learning uses a web based system that allows customer service and sales force personnel to practice key messages, ensuring their messages are delivered on target and intact.  The system is based on scientific research and uses a concentrated practice methodology that makes skill development far more efficient and effective. Ultimately, Virtual Role Play Learning can help you:

  • Increase sales by enhancing sales and customer service effectiveness

  • Cut overall training costs through efficiency

  • Help managers be more proficient with their development time

  • Improve ROI by accelerating the implementation of new initiatives

  • Enhance the consistency of your brand