Trade Shows/Events

Our Expertise


  • Pre Show Promotion
  • Creating Buzz/Booth Traffic At the Show
  • Post Show Lead Follow Up
  • Meeting Themes
  • Meeting Gifts
  • Virtual Meeting with online technology called VIVA

With marketing budgets constantly being scrutinized, the importance of maximizing the return on your trade show investment is more important than ever. Here is how you can get the most bang for your exhibiting buck.

As with any other marketing program, the basis for exhibiting success rests on how well it is planned out. “A major reason exhibitors fail is that they are inadequately prepared” says Steven Hacker, president of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) based in Dallas. “There is an absolute need to do pre-show, onsite, and follow-up promotion. All of these components are not magic-it’s what you do. Those who do it right get good results, and those who don’t, get bad results. That’s not to say you can’t get lucky, but why rely on luck when you can do it right?”

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Facts About Tradeshows


  • Did you know that 92% of trade show visitors at national and/or regional shows have not been contacted by an exhibitor
  • Just as important, 80% of attendees preplan who they will visit at the show but only 20% of exhibitors are doing any sort of pre show promotion